My name is Karoline Øien, I am 26 years old and live in Oslo where I grew up. I’ve been interested in crafts since I was very young, and startet making jewelry when I was 12 years old. Since then I’ve been experimenting with different materials and techniques, and started selling my jewelry pieces on Etsy and at christmas fairs in 2007.

The design

Throughout the years, my jewelry design has been through many different styles and expressions. But since I started Trost in 2011, I became committed to making jewelry with dark metals in a minimalist style. I find using dark metals, like oxidized silver, make the jewelry elegant, but at the same time very edgy. The minimal design is not just a reflection of what's been a trend the last couple of years, but also a reflection of how I and many others want to wear jewelry. My aim is to make jewelry that can be worn by a variety of girls and women no matter their age, jewelry that's timeless and easy to pair with both your everyday wardrobe as well as your more dressy outfits.


Trost makes high quality silver jewelry, in a timeless and minimal design. In our design we like to pay attention to the little details, and aim to create interesting and unique combinations when selecting materials. We therefore use platings like 16k matte and shiny gold, matte silver, rose gold and oxidized brass and pair it with dark silver to create timeless jewelry for any occasion. In addition to combining metals in different colors and textures, we carefully select beautiful gemstones to compliment our dark silver and the Trost collection. Trost is a jewelry brand for women who knows what they want and who aren't afraid of getting it. They’re strong, honest and genuine in their words and actions, and carefully select every piece in their wardrobe because they have other ways to spend their time than trying to figure out what to wear. By wearing Trost they have a piece of jewelry they know they can use over and over again, no matter the occasion or outfit, and for years to come.


Trosts vision is to be the preferred jewelry brand whether you’re looking for a pair of earrings for a formal event, a necklace that compliments your party dress or just a piece of jewelry you want to wear everyday. Trost is jewelry for women who knows what they want, and who aren’t afraid of getting it! They’re strong, honest and genuine in their words and actions. Wearing Trost, they have a piece of jewelry they know they can use over and over again, no matter the occasion or outfit and for years to come.


We will make jewelry in a timeless and characteristic design, with high quality you can trust. The customer can always trust that they can get high quality oxidized silver jewelry, with unique components and the characteristic minimalist Trost design. Our design should be desirable and accessible to women regardless of age, size, location and style.